The LLC Webring is the webring for the Liam Lovers Club (LLC) members. The LLC is the unofficial online Liam fan club. However, there is no restriction to join this webring even if you are not a member of the LLC. If you are interested in joining LLC, drop Lisa or me a line.

What do I need in order to join the ring?

All you need is to own a webpage. Preferably, you should own an or Liam(or Noel) Gallagher webpage.

How do I join?

When you have decided to be part of the ring, there are three easy steps to join.
First of all, fill in the form provided and submit it. Upon submission, you will be given a password and site ID. It's very important so don't lose it!
The next step is to copy and paste the html code onto your site.
Finally, e-mail an existing member of the ring, ask him/her to add you to the ring. You can either e-mail an existing member from the Ring Index or e-mail a member from a random site. Don't forget to include your site ID.

HTML codes

View the LLC Webring.
Get the html codes here.

Index/List of sites

Index of all the sites currently in the LLC webring.

Members Utilities

Edit site

Should there be a change in your e-mail address or site information, you can edit information here.

Add a site to the ring

As a member of the ring, you can add another member to the ring.

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